Cambridge University Ethics in Mathematics Project

The Cambridge University Ethics in Mathematics Project

Welcome to the Cambridge University Ethics in Mathematics Project (CUEiMP). Since 2016, we have been teaching responsible behaviour and ethical awareness to mathematicians in the mathematics faculty at Cambridge. This project was set up to make available teaching resources to mathematicians elswhere who wish to replicate this sort of teaching. But our project extends beyond this. We are producing a series of discussion papers on topic relating to Ethics in Mathematics (EiM); the EiM Discussion paper series. We also host a series of annual conferences on these issues, the first of which (EiM1) took place in 2018 and the second (EiM2) in 2019, establishing Cambridge as the global centre for the study and teaching of EiM.

This project was initially set up by Dr Maurice Chiodo (a Fellow and College Teaching Officer in mathematics at King’s College Cambridge) and Dr Piers Bursill-Hall (a lecturer in the history of mathematics). The project has, with the assistance of numerous others, built up a knowledge base and developed academic resources for the understanding and teaching of Ethics in Mathematics. Maurice has travelled extensively to give seminars, colloquia and workshops at other universities, to raise awareness and help them set up their own teaching programmes for Ethics in Mathematics.

Additionally, in Cambridge the Cambridge University Ethics in Mathematics Society (CUEiMS) is a student society set up in 2016 to host events related to EiM, including seminars and external speakers. They hosted the initial seminar series given by Maurice in 2016-2018, and work to promote ethical awarness among mathematicians in Cambridge, especially at the student level.

EiM Course

Since 2016, we have been giving a lecture course titled “Ethics for the working mathematician” in the mathematics faculty at Cambridge. You can find out more about this here. To supplement this, we have also prepared some mathematical exercises for students which not only test mathematical content but also have an ethical dimension for discussion. These questions were originally developed for mathematical Examples Sheets in Cambridge, with the intention being that the ethical dimension would form a talking point in supervisions. Please email us if you would like full worked solutions and the LaTeX source for these questions.


This project has so far received support from the Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund, awarded by the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning. If you wish to provide further support for this project, or have suggestions for where we might find such support, please do get in touch.

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